Ideathon: Hacking the Talent Gap

THURSDAY NOV 16th, 09:00-13:30

By 2023 the Norwegian tech community will be lacking about 30.000 tech talents. Technology companies are finding it hard to compete on the international recruitment stage today already, and the struggle will get more difficult if we don’t make a strategic plan and solution. 

The long term strategy to solve this problem, could among other things be to develop more IT competence ourselves. But how do we get more young people to want to educate themselves within technology oriented education?

Let’s hack the talent gap!

On Thursday 16th November you and your company will get the opportunity to join an ideathon along with 100+ pupils from the greater Oslo region with a team named after your company. You should be represented with at least two people that can join a team of 3-4 pupils to create a pitch for what the society, politicians, public and private sector can do in order to get more young people interested in technology, science and subjects related to this. Once your ideas are created, you will get to develop a short pitch that will be pitched in front of a jury. At the end of the day we will announce one winning team in three different categories. 

Do you want your company to make some real impact for the future? Then apply for a team at our Talent Smash ideathon

Who should attend? 
Companies and individuals with an interest in hacking how we can rig Norway for a future within tech – together with our future leaders.

NOTE: This event will be held in Norwegian


Breakfast, information and team meetup

Idea development


Pitch development

Pitch competition

Winner announcements


Want to work alongside the students during the Ideathon? Sign up 2-3 people from your company via the button below!